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My 11yr old comes home from school and the first thing she wants to do is hug me…multiple times.

I love her hugs because they aren’t those half-hearted kind. She really means them.

That’s followed by me asking 47 times if she’s finished her homework, if she’s finished her homework while she’s playing with the dog, if she’s finished her homework while laughing on the couch with her sister…

Which is later followed by her not wanting to go to sleep without me laying down beside her in her bed, her face freshly washed and smelling like soap and the scent of minty toothpaste on her breath while she whispers to me something that happened at school today, her arm laying casually across my neck, telling me things that she doesn’t want anyone else to hear.

She’s just one of my kids…these moments, the hard ones, the sweet ones, the bitter sweet ones, the surprise ones, the dancing ones–they all happen every single day multiple times a day, with each of my kids and my husband too.

I can’t even keep track of all the sweet and the bitter, the bitter and the sweet.

All of them add up to our familyness.

All of them add up to being a parent.

All of them add up to the things I never want to forget. All of the things that I always want to remember.

All of them are part of the magic that surrounds us.

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