Seeing Clearly

It all started when I was 10 years old and my mom took me to the eye doctor. I remember that drive home and me yelling, “Mom! There are leaves on the trees! I can see everything so clearly!” The rush of excitement, the vibrancy and clarity of the colors still me makes me smile today as I remember that experience.

You deserve that kind of eye opening experience with your family. A chance to see clearly the vibrancy, clarity and connection that are already there in your amazing family. Like that first experience of putting on new glasses, a Day in the Life session lets you see your family from a perspective you knew was there, but is super cool to see so clearly.

I’m passionate about showing you the wonder of your family and the relationships that mean everything to you. A photo shoot unlike anything you’ve experienced before where you can be yourself, enjoy being together, and see even more clearly the magic that is your amazing life.

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